Rooty Salater

Amagerbrogade 10

2300 - København S

Telefon: 81 29 23 00

What is Rooty?

Rooty is based on the simple belief that food should be good and healthy for you, and good for our planet.

Our salads are inspired by Nordic traditions with local sourced ingredients. They are natural, freshly made in front of you, plant-based, non-processed, organic and rich on protein and fiber.

The salads are made easy for you as we have an ambition to have limited waiting time, easy ordering and pick-up – and we design them for appetite 🙂

We also serve infused water, juices, coffee, and welcome all to take our salads home or enjoy them in our store at Amagerbrogade 10.

We bring a little bit of nature into our busy city lives, and help everyone grow, blossom and put down roots.


Mandag 08.00 : 17.00
Tirsdag 08.00 : 17.00
Onsdag 08.00 : 17.00
Torsdag 08.00 : 17.00
Fredag 08.00 : 17.00
Lørdag 08.00 : 17.00
Søndag 08.00 : 17.00