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Guldsmed Vicky Buerholt

Vicki Buerholt
My name is Vicki Buerholt and I am a Danish Goldsmith. Ever since childhood I have been a part of the creative world. When the period with “make your own jewelry” began, I was struck. My goal was very clear: To live of what I loved the most – making jewelry. I was fascinated by the old craft, the knowledge of the precious metal, which I could shape into a form and then immediately melt the subject and start over creating a new piece of jewelry.

It´s an honor beeing able to work with such an old and noble handcraft and combining this with precious stones and variuos designs – is a gift.

But it hasn’t been easy. In 2005 I got a job at Goldsmith Josephine Bergsøe, where I was introduced to a world of unique design and beautiful stones. I became sure, that I had chosen the right path.

In 2006 I got my teaching space at Goldsmith Mette Rosgaard. The next 4 years was a beautiful journey marked by the old craft, with respect for the process and with learning and knowledge of only the best materials.

This journey has only been contributing to increase my love for this profession and for good craft and beautifull stones in generel.




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