Amagerbrogade 13

2300 - København S

Telefon: 32965656

Hos os kan du finde vegetar, vegansk og gluten free mad!

At Foodie make the best of what we have & do not interfere with it too much. We keep food as natural as possible, Deliberately avoiding complicated methods. Take our feta, date fruit, roasted almonds and fresh basil sandwich – the king of the egyptian summer sandwich. It cannot get any simpler. If you don’t know it, you must try it. Each individual sandwich has a clear voice and plain characteristics that are lucid and powerful.

The bread
Our sourdough bread is baked fresh every day. It’s made of a special blend of wheat, whole grain and malt flour and is 100% vegan. It takes about 48 hours to create a single loaf. The slow rising process is the secret that results in our bread’s unique flavor.


Mandag 11.00 : 21.00
Tirsdag 11.00 : 21.00
Onsdag 11.00 : 21.00
Torsdag 11.00 : 21.00
Fredag 11.00 : 21.00
Lørdag 12.00 : 21.00
Søndag 12.00 : 21.00